Leadership Links 2/20/2019

8 steps to leading your church back to growth (Chuck Lawless): Church revitalization is both a popular and critical need in North America . . . Sometimes, however, pastors and church leaders over-complicate the process of revitalization. Here are some simple steps all of us pastors can take. Read more at ChuckLawless.com.

The power of a leader (Ron Edmondson): Dear Leader, You’ve been granted authority. You have real influence. People trust you. Therefore: Your words are powerful. Choose them wisely. People look to you for direction. Take them to noble places. Your suggestions are taken seriously. Don’t make them lightly. Read more at RonEdmondson.com.

The bitter fruit of a self-focused life (Kevin Halloran): In a sermon preached on Matthew 5:38–42 titled “Denying Self and Following Christ”, Martyn Lloyd-Jones challenged his audience to “realize the extent to which self controls your life.” I found his words a needed rebuke as well and poignant description of some emotional issues I’ve faced over the years. I hope it challenges you to take up your cross and follow Christ with greater faith and greater joy. Read more at KevinHalloran.net.

4 grave dangers of every sin (Tim Challies): For Christians, the ultimate consequences have been fully paid by Jesus Christ, but this does not mean there is no reason to fear immediate consequences. Here, with an assist from a favorite writer, are four grave dangers in every sin. Read more at Challies.com.