Effective Shepherding

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Welcome to the «Effectiveness» section of our website which contains our extensive curriculum for equipping elders. If this is your first time to this page, check out the following links:

Do you want to improve your skill and effectiveness as a shepherd? Every elder desires to be found faithful, but excellence in church leadership requires intentional and regular study.

In this section, you will find a comprehensive curriculum that will help you grow in your usefulness as an elder. These six subject areas provide clear and practical instruction on the conduct and habits of your personal life, the dynamics of elder relationships, and the important tasks of teaching, leading, protecting, and caring for the local church.

While these resources are intended specifically for elders, the biblical principles taught in this section are helpful for any church leader.

The Lord calls elders to fill a demanding and rewarding role in the life of the Church. We pray that these tools will you to strengthen and develop your ability to shepherd the people of God.

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