Policy Statements

Should churches be forced to accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle, hire avowed homosexual individuals, provide services for same-sex weddings? Should restrooms in churches and Christian minstries be made accessible to transgendered people and those exploring their gender identity? How can a church and its leaders protect against lawsuits that seek to force compliance with the moral judgements of the secular and political realities of today? We can argue about who sets the terms for the debate, but in the end we need to take steps to protect the church against forces that will try to use laws to bully the church into compliance against our conscience?

We would like to recommend a great resource every church, Christian ministry and Christian school should get their hands on, a booklet entitled:

Protecting Your Ministry From
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Lawsuits

“This book was created to help you prepare for the legal intrusions brought on by the passage of sexual orientation, gender identity ordinances. Within this legal guide, you will find examples of what other Christians around the country are facing; how your church, school, or ministry may be vulnerable to similar threats; and what you can do to secure crucial legal protections that should enable you to weather the fast-approaching legal storms.”

Dr. Wayne Grudem, respected theologian and Christian thinker, says this:

“This is an outstanding resource that will prove immensely valuable to every church and Christian organization. It comes with significant credibility, because it has been produced by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the nation’s largest Christian legal defense organization, and an organization for which I have deep admiration, respect, and thanksgiving to God.”

Bill Coyle, Christian attorney and president of Stewards Ministries describes ADF:

Alliance Defending Freedom is an “an alliance-building legal ministry that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith.” ADF is dedicated to the support and defense of the right of churches, ministries and individuals to live out and express their faith in the face of an increasing threat to religious freedom. After prayer, I believe ADF is currently the strongest resource available to support religious freedom. ADF’s publication, Protecting Your Ministry, A Legal Guide for Churches, Christian Schools and Christian Ministries should be required reading for all Christian organizations.

This 4o page booklet provides samples of documents your church or ministry needs to have in place, including guidance for your statement of faith as it pertains to sexuality/gender issues, and suggestions for policies for religious hiring, facility use, membership requirements, code of conduct and marriage.

Click here to get your free copy.

While much of this is targeted specifically for churches and ministries in the United States, this can provide ideas and concepts that can help churches in other countries develop their thinking on these issues.