Sharing the Load 3

Serie: Sharing the Load
Presentador: Bob Deffinbaugh

Part 3 of a series to show that pastoral care must be shared with the body so it is equipped to minister to itself.

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1. What is the final practical way that the speaker identified for elders to hold themselves accountable?
To have a Friday forum of selected trusted people who can give feedback on sermon preparations.
2. According to the research cited by the speaker, how many pastors leave the ministry permanently in America every month?
3. Why should the elder “push” the caring ministry outward beyond themselves?
Because it is impossible for the elders to do it all, even if they were able to give 120%.


  1. What other practical ways can elders care for each other?
  2. How would you respond if a non-elder showed pastoral care to someone, but the person complained that the elders weren’t doing it?
  3. Describe a time when you wished someone had challenged you or your thinking about a certain area of ministry that you engaged in.


  1. If you are an elder, discuss a plan that you can implement to add accountability to your group? Decide on a specific plan, including a time table to start, how often you will carry it out, and for how long? After a set period of time, evaluate it and make adjustments. If you are not an elder, ask an elder to be your accountability partner so that you can develop the ability to receive feedback.


Replenish: Leading From a Healthy Soul,” by Lance Witt